Each member of academic staff at HKBU is invited to nominate up to five students who have produced outstanding research papers or projects in the 2016-2017 Academic Year.

The deadline for nomination is 9 June 2017 (Friday).

Please check the Eligibility criteria before making a nomination.

Online Nomination Form

To be completed by a member of academic staff. Please submit a separate nomination for each student.

Student Name:       

Student Number:    

Project Title:           

Project Type:       Paper or essay
                               Artist's statement
                               Other (please specify):         

Course Code:         

Assignment Description:

Please provide a brief statement of your reasons/justifications for the nomination:

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Dates and Deadlines

9 June 2017
Nomination Deadline

30 June 2017
Full Documents Submission Deadline

November 2017
Announcement of Award winner