Multimedia Stations (L4)
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Nine Multimedia Stations are equipped with various kinds of AV equipment for users to quietly enjoy movies and more.

  Carrels 1 - 2

Carrel 3

Carrel 4

Carrel 5

Carrels 6 - 9

Visual platform 17" Monitor 17" Monitor 17" Monitor 32" 3D TV 32" TV
Blu-ray (Region A)       Yes Yes
Cassette   Yes      
CD   Yes      
DVD (All Regions)   Yes   Yes Yes
LD Yes Yes      
MicroFilm Reader     Yes    
VHS Yes Yes      
Vinyl Record   Yes      


  • All library users are welcome to use these multimedia stations
  • They are available on a first come, first served basis
  • No advance booking is needed

Conduct of Users

  • Keep the place neat and tidy
  • Take good care of all computing and AV equipment
  • Unattended items left for an extended period of time may be removed by library staff without prior notice
  • Users are not allowed to use pirated or pornographic materials
  • We reserve the right to request improper users leaving MLC and the Library immediately
  • Take note of the Library's Conduct of Users. Please respect other library users and refrain from engaging in undesirable behaviour.

For further questions, please contact Digital and Multimedia Services Section at or 3411-5239. Thank you for your cooperation!