We have started sending out invitations to sign up for ORCID iDs.
Check out our implementation schedule to see when you will receive yours.
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Shortly after you create your ORCID account, you will receive another invitation from us to create a ResearcherID. All you need to do is give us your consent. If you already have a ResearcherID, simply provide it to us via the online form.

Why do I need another ID?
Let us explain...
A key part of the Research Visibility Project will be
to ensure that HKBU data in important citation databases is accurate
One such database is Web of Science, and the best way to ensure accuracy in this database is for you to have a ResearcherID
Thomson Reuters (the company behind Web of Science and ResearcherID) fully supports the ORCID initiative
and it is even possible to link your ORCID with your ResearcherID.
The two tools are complementary
Permission to Share
To fulfil our data verification goals we need to share information with Thomson Reuters and Elsevier (the company behind another important citation database – Scopus).
As the University will always do its utmost to comply with data privacy laws, we need your permission before we can do this.
Be assured that this data is non-sensitive (e.g. your name, ORCID iD, ResearcherID, details of your research output).
For your convenience, we will collect this permission at the same time as we collect your consent to create a ResearcherID.

Our Guide to ORCID

Get more details about ORCID and how the RVP team can help you get the most out of it

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