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The Contemporary China Research Collection is housed in the Special Collections & Archives section. The collection was established in 1985 to facilitate and promote scholarly research work on China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. With the research materials of the Hong Kong Union Research Institute as the foundation of this collection, HKBU library has continued to select relevant materials to add to the CCRC. Spanning from 1950 to the 1990s, the collection consists of over 14,000 files of newspaper and periodical article clippings, about 4,000 reels of microfilms and over 6,500 volumes of monographs and serials.

These clippings, dating back to 1950, are collected from newspapers and periodicals published in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. In addition to topics on the political, socio-economic, military, cultural and educational development in China and Taiwan, these clippings also include important issues related to Hong Kong and overseas Chinese.

The Union Research Institute collected clippings from newspapers and periodicals between 1950 and 1970s. While focusing on China newspapers, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia newspapers and periodicals were also included. Because of its wide scope of coverage and detailed indexing, this collection has been widely used by local and overseas scholars.

From 1986 through to the 1990s, HKBU Library staff continued to add clippings to this collection, concentrating on Hong Kong newspapers and using the same indexing system established by the Union Research Institute. An area that received in-depth attention was information related to the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong to China.

For detailed subject categories, please click the links of the three catalogs entitled, 當代中國研究資料之剪報檔案及剪報膠卷目錄 and Index to the classified files on Communist China held by the Union Research Institute / 友聯研究所分類資料目錄, you may also come to the Section and read the printed copies.


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