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Index to the classified files on Communist China held by the Union Research Institute. 2nd ed. 1962.



General Department
Category I:  Government Program
@ Category II:  Directives and Summaries @ @
Category III:  Topographical Records
@ Category IV:  Anniversaries and Festivals @ @
@ Category V:  Memorial Days for Martyrs @ @


Political and Social Department @ @
Category General
Category I:  Internal Politics
Category II:  International Relations
Category III:  Political Parties
Category IV:  Social Movements


Military Department
@ Category General:  Concerning the Whole Army @
Category I:  Army
Category II:  Air Force
Category III:  Navy
@ Category IV:  Anti-Communist Guerrilla Forces @
Category V:  Wars
@ Category VI:  Prisoners of War and their Repatriation


Financial and Economic Department @ @
Category General
@ Category I:  Financial and Monetary Affairs @
Category II:  Economic Affairs
Division General 
Division 1:  Domestic Trade
Division 2:  Food Grain
Division 3:  Foreign Trade
Division 4:  Agriculture
Division 5:  Forestry
Division 6:  Water Conservancy
Division 7:  Calamities
Division 8:  Industry
Division 9:  Communications


Cultural and Educational Department
Category General 
Category I:  Culture
Category II:  Education
Category III:  Hygiene
Category IV:  Physical Culture