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Personal papers consist of manuscripts and other materials collected and/or generated by scholars and prominent persons that have been donated to the Library.

You can access the electronic finding aids for personal papers by clicking the names of the collections below. Hard copies are available in the Special Collections and Archives Reading Room.

Andrew Gordon Wilson Papers (RG. 18) (Metadata)

The Andrew Gordon Wilson Papers document Wilson's work and life as an architect and missionary in Guangzhou, China from the late 1900s to the 1920s. Wilson worked at the Medical Missionary Society's Hospital 博濟醫局 and was also involved in the construction and management of the Kong Chuen Canton Hospital 江村 普惠醫院 and schools. (0.5 linear foot)

Chang Chuen Papers (RG. 15) (Metadata)

Dr. Chang Chuen is a scholar in Chinese history. The Chang Chuen Papers contain mostly documents on Chinese history, and other subject areas include arts and culture, Chinese language and literature, geography, travel, philosophy and religion. (3 linear feet).

Derwent Collection Papers (RG. 16) (Metadata)

The Derwent Collection Papers contain all the articles, manuscripts, photographic copies, prints and negatives of the Derwent Collection. (0.8 linear feet)

Elsie Tu Papers (RG. 13) (Metadata)

This collection documents Dr. Tu's fifty years of social activism and service in Hong Kong. Click here to learn more about this invaluable primary resource. (20 linear feet)

Helen Brenton & Roy Jr. Pryor Papers (RG. 17) (Metadata)

The Helen Brenton & Roy Jr. Pryor Papers document the personal experiences of the couple and Helen's mother Mary Foster Brenton in the Nanjing Incident on March 24, 1927 in Nanjing, China. Some other materials describe the Japanese attack in Beijing and Tianjin as well as the Nanking massacre in 1937. (0.5 linear foot)

Tse-tsung Chow Papers (RG. 14) (Metadata)

The Tse-tsung Chow Papers provide a broad overview of Prof. Chow's career and achievements as a renowned scholar, teacher and writer. Prof. Chow's achievements and works in Chinese literary theory and criticism, Chinese literature, poetry and history are well documented in his manuscripts, essays and correspondence. (24 linear feet)