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The University Library is committed to providing quality resources and services in support of the University's teaching, research, and learning activities. HKBU librarians engage in teaching and instruction, providing learning opportunities that students do not receive in their regular classes. These are crucial to student success in academia and in the workplace.

With the increasing importance of electronic information resources to the University's teaching, learning, and research activities, the Library provides access to a comprehensive array of e-resources that are not available on the free Internet. This is in addition to its substantial collections of physical materials. Currently, the Library provides access to:

  • 313 databases
  • 109,400 electronic journals
  • 1.30 million e-book titles
  • 1.20 million printed volumes
  • 147,500 multimedia items

Complementing HKBU Library's own collections, the holdings of other UGC-funded university libraries in Hong Kong can be searched via the Hong Kong Academic Library Link (HKALL) service. Thus, in addition to HKBU Library’s own holdings, eligible HKBU users have access to the combined physical circulating collections of all UGC-funded libraries, totaling over eight million volumes.

Apart from its extensive collections, provision of learning spaces and equipment is another key role of the University Library. The Main Library (also known as the Au Shue Hung Memorial Library) features:

  • 1,150 study places
  • The Academic Commons encompassing the entirety of Levels 2 and 3 (open 24 hours a day during the semester)
  • A Multimedia Learning Centre (MLC) equipped with PCs and a variety of audio-visual facilities to enable students to make use of multimedia materials and learning software
  • New Book and Popular Book areas
  • Special Needs User Rooms with equipment for users with disabilities
  • Group Study Rooms, Group Viewing Rooms, and Postgraduate Study Rooms

In addition to the Main Library, the University community is also served by the following branch libraries:

The Library further supports the teaching, research, and learning of the University community through its comprehensive user enquiry service. Students are welcome to seek help with finding information for their assignments and research. Where appropriate, such enquiries will be handled by professional librarians. A variety of communication channels have been established for enquiries, including in-person at the Library’s Information Desk, via telephone, and through electronic means such as e-mail, instant chat messaging via the Library website, and Facebook Messenger.

September 2017