Guidelines for Computer Use
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The following guidelines apply to the computers in the Main Library and the Chinese Medicine Library:

  1. Computer facilities provided in the Library are for educational purposes only.

  2. The use of computer workstations is on a first-come first-served basis. Users may refer to the Computer Availability page of the Library website to ascertain the availability of computers before coming to the Library.

  3. Those users that have been issued with an HKBU SSOid should use these credentials to login to computer workstations. Other users (e.g. Graduate Borrower Card Holders, JULAC Card holders) should use their HKBU-issued My Library Account to login. Guests with access to the Library but who have not been issued with any account should approach the Information Desk for assistance.

  4. Sharing computer accounts is not permitted and users assume sole responsibility for the use of their accounts.

  5. All data will be erased when computers are shutdown/restarted. Please ensure that all of your data is saved on external storage devices or in cloud storage before you shut down the computer.

  6. External storage devices used with the Library's computers must be free of viruses. The Library assumes no responsibility for the loss of any data from storage devices connected to its computers.

  7. Apart from external storage devices, no other equipment should be connected to the Library's computers without the prior consent of Library staff.

  8. Users should not make changes to software installed on Library computers, nor should they attempt to install any unauthorized software.

  9. To ensure the security and privacy of their personal data, users must shutdown/restart the computer after use. This will permanently erase all traces of use from the computer.

  10. Reservation of computer workstations is not permitted. Library computers have been configured to shut down automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. The Library will not be responsible for any resulting loss of data.

  11. Users shall be held responsible for any consequences arising from illegal uploading, downloading or copying of copyright-protected materials (such as music, videos, and software).

  12. Should there be any loss or damage to the equipment provided due to improper operation, or intentional acts of vandalism, the user(s) responsible will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement.

  13. The Library reserves the right to remove computers from service as required (for maintenance purposes, special projects, etc).

In addition to the above guidelines, the use of computer facilities in the Library is also subject to the policies of the University's Office of Information Technology:

July 2016