General Library Donation Policy
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The development of a high-quality collection with an increasing emphasis on electronic resources is one of the directions set in the University Library's Strategic Plan. The University Library welcomes inquiries about physical donations and will selectively accept items that enhance its existing collections in support of the teaching, learning and research activities of the University.

In moving away from one of its traditional roles as a storage facility for print materials, the Library's objective is to increase the amount of study and learning space available to library users. This goal will be difficult to achieve if the Library accepts everything donated.

Therefore, prior to sending physical items to the University Library, a list identifying the item(s) to be donated is required to facilitate our assessment. We cannot accept walk-in donations that have not had prior review by our staff.

To discuss a possible gift, please contact the Collection Management and Development Section at or call 3411-2704 during office hours in the first instance.

For details of gift review procedures, please click here.

If the University Library cannot use your donation, please consider the following:

Last update: November 2013