Using the Online ILL System
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Logging in

Please log in to the system using the same information used for your "My Library Account"

Reviewing Requests

To review submitted requests, log in to your account and select "Review Requests" from the main menu. This section allows users to view or modify outstanding requests, resubmit cancelled requests, and view the history of completed requests. Detailed request information and status messages are also shown.

Explanation of Status Terms

Status Explanation
Awaiting Request Processing Request received, ready to search for potential lenders
Cancelled by Customer Request cancelled by user.
Cancelled by ILL Staff Request cancelled by ILL staff. An e-mail message explaining why the request was cancelled will be sent to the user. Detailed information regarding the cancelled request can also be found by selecting "View/Resubmit Cancelled Requests" from the main menu.
Request Sent Request has been sent, waiting for response from potential lender.
Delivered to Web Requested article(s) have been posted to the user's HKBU ILL account for viewing and/or downloading.
Received Partial/Incorrect Item Received item either did not match requested item or is incomplete. ILL staff will determine the quickest means to correct this.
Awaiting Post Receipt Processing Item received but is not yet ready for pickup.
In Print Queue Item is currently awaiting the printing of its identification label by ILL staff.
Awaiting Customer Contact Item received, but the user has not yet been informed.
Customer Notified via E-Mail Item received, and the user has been notified via automated e-mail.
Checked Out to Customer Item received, and has been checked out to the user.
Item Checked In User returned the item to ILL office, and the item has been checked in.
Awaiting Return Label Printing ILL office is processing the item for returning to lender.
In Return Address Print Queue ILL office is printing return address label.
Item Returned Item has been returned to the lender.
Request Finished The entire request process has been completed. Requests with this status are archived under the "View Request History" from the main menu.