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古今圖書集成 (The Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China)
(Trial period: until 28th February 2004)

古今圖書集成 全面收錄了從上古到明末清初的古代文獻資料,舉凡天文地理、
並有六千多幅精美圖表。建議使用 Internet Explorer 瀏覽器。

The Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China includes all the most important classics of comprehensive subject areas in Chinese culture from ancient China to Ching Dynasty. Internet Explorer is recommended to browse and search the database.

2. 阿帕比中文電子書(Apabi Chinese eBook)
(Trial period: until 28th February 2004)



Apabi Chinese eBook collection covers more than 20,000 ebook titles published by over 400 publishers. Users are required to download and install the Apabi Book Reader to read the eBook.

3. 書生之家中文電子書(Shusheng Chinese eBook)
(Trial period: until 28th February 2004)

書生之家中文電子書 的學科範圍廣闊,包括:文學、哲學、宗教、語言文化、

讀者須先下載並安裝閱讀器,方可瀏覽電子書。 注冊用戶編號及密碼可於圖書館免費試用資料庫網頁上查看。

With more than 146,000 ebook titles, Shusheng Chinese eBook collection covers ebooks in comprehensive subject areas such as literature, religion, language and culture, social sciences, education, business, economics, natural sciences, medicine, electronics, etc. Users are required to download and install the Shusheng book reader to read the eBook.

4. American Humanities Index on EBSCOhost
(Trial period: until 31st December 2004)

The database covers over 1,000 literary, scholarly and creative journals published in the United States and Canada from 1975 to the present. Its content includes many smaller journals and publications that are unavailable in other reference sources. Publications are indexed cover-to-cover and citations include all original creative works including poetry, fiction, photographs, and illustrations.

5. Communication and Mass Media Complete (CMMC) on EBSCOhost
(Trial period: until 31st December 2004)

The database incorporates CommSearch (formerly produced by the National Communication Association) and Mass Media Articles Index (formerly produced by Pennsylvania State University). It covers over 400 journals in the communication and mass media.

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