Free Trial Electronic Resources

You can try the free trial electronic resources on the library homepage at:

1. Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO)
(Trial period: until 31 March 2004)

Oxford Scholarship Online contains the complete text of over 700 carefully-selected Oxford books in Philosophy, Religion, Political Science, Economics and Finance. Wide range of search options including full text, keyword, subject, author, title, cross-reference, etc. are available.

2. Collins WordbanksOnline
(Trial period: until 20 March 2004)

Collins WordbanksOnline is an online Internet service using telnet to access language data based on the Collins corpora of modern, written and spoken text from various British and U.S. sources. The database is helpful in analysis of words, meanings, grammar, usage as well as checking frequency statistics.

Username and password are as follows:
username: ********
password: ********

3. British National Corpus (BNC)

British National Corpus comprises over 100 million word collection of written and spoken English from a wide range of sources. The e-resource is useful in lexicography, artificial intelligence, speech recognition and synthesis, literary studies, and all varieties of linguistics.

To try BNC, you need to register individually, download and install the SARA Client software from BNC Web site. It allows you to have a trial for 30 days.

4. The British Component of the International Corpus of English

Based at the Survey of English Usage, University College London, the ICE-GB consists of one million words in five hundred texts of spoken and written contemporary British English produced from the 1990s in CD-ROM format. It is tagged, parsed, and bundled with the ICECUP exploration software designed for parsed corpora.

To try ICE-GB, you need to download the ICE-GB sample corpus software from ICE-GB Web site.

Feedback and comments:
We would appreciate if you could forward your feedback and comments on these trial electronic resources by completing the Electronic Resources Evaluation Form at: <>

Please ensure proper configuration of your PC when accessing Library-subscribed electronic resources. Should you need assistance, please call the Reference Desk at 3411-7363 during library service hours, or submit your inquiries through "Ask a Librarian" web inquiry service at <>.


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