Tse-tsung Chow Collection

The Library is pleased to announce that distinguished scholar, teacher, and writer, Professor Chow Tse-tsung (周策縱) and his wife Dr. Nancy N. Wu, have generously donated Professor Chow's personal papers, manuscripts, memorabilia, and books to the Library. The donation is housed in the Library's Special Collections & Archives.

Professor Chow, who received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, had a long and distinguished career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was Chairperson of the Department of East Asian Languages & Literature for six years. He is the author of many articles and books, including The May Fourth Movement : Intellectual Revolution in Modern China, which has become a standard work on the subject. He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters (DLitt) by Hong Kong Baptist University in 1997.

The Tse-tsung Chow Collection reflects Professor Chow's areas of scholarly and personal interest. The more than 3,000 books cover a wide range of subjects and are particularly strong in the areas of philosophy, political science, American/English and Chinese literatures, Chinese art, and Chinese history. Papers and memorabilia in the collection include correspondence with friends, students, peers, scholars, and publishers, as well as manuscripts and copies of published and unpublished scholarly and creative writing by Professor Chow. There are also original Chinese paintings and calligraphy collected by him. Professor Chow had a particular interest in seal carving, and there are 25 stone seals which were carved by him included in the collection.

For information on the use of the Tse-tsung Chow Collection please contact Special Collections & Archives by phone at ext. 5937 or e-mail to libarc@hkbu.edu.hk.


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