Dissertations & Theses Collection (DTC) @HKBU Library

The University Library has created an online union collection called Dissertations & Theses Collection (DTC). DTC provides a unique and user-friendly platform for users to cross-search Hong Kong postgraduate studentsˇ¦ doctoral and master dissertations and theses indexed in the online catalogues of seven university libraries in Hong Kong. Users can now search the dissertations and theses in any or all of the following Hong Kong university libraries simultaneously.

The seven university libraries are:
1. Chinese University of Hong Kong Libraries (CUHK),
2. City University of Hong Kong Library (CityU),
3. Hong Kong Baptist University Library (HKBU),
4. Hong Kong Polytechnic University Library (PolyU),
5. Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Library (HKUST),
6. Lingnan University Library (LU),
7. University of Hong Kong Libraries (HKU).

To access DTC, please click on Dissertations & Theses Collection (DTC).


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