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藝術博物館(Chinese Fine Arts Database) :
  中國美術館(Gallery of Chinese Art)
  書法館(Chinese Calligraphy Bank)


1. 中國美術館收集甄選中華文明七千年間的三萬餘件經典作品,並將作品以不同主題歸類,分為二十六個虛擬展館,再以年代分類,將畫作、青銅器、陶瓷藝術作品、雕塑及壁畫等美術作品內容,以高質素圖片和文字說明呈現讀者眼前。
    張大千 (Zhang DaQian)
2. 中國書法館收藏歷代書法家的書法作品超過二十五萬件,涵蓋篆、隸、楷、行、草各種字體的書法。讀者亦可從書法館內瀏覽各年代的手札、楹聯及篆刻作品。
    李白 (Li Bai)

The "Gallery of Chinese Art" and the "Chinese Calligraphy Bank" @The Chinese Fine Arts Database collect over 280,000 pieces of classical Chinese art works and calligraphies. Users can use the Chinese and English interfaces to search multiple databases or a single database.

In the "Gallery of Chinese Art", over 30,000 images of classical works are selected and collected from the Chinese civilization. The works are categorized into 26 categories such as painting, bronze, ceramics, sculpture, murals, etc.

In the "Chinese Calligraphy Bank", more than 250,000 Chinese calligraphies are displayed in the categories of Zhuanshu, Lishu, Kaishu, Xingshu and Caoshu.



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