Your unwanted books

Dear colleagues,

At the present time, the Library has an urgent need for books in all subjects, preferably in fair or good condition.

I strongly encourage all of you to cull through your personal book collections and donate to the Library any books you no longer need or want. Likewise, if your departments have book rooms, I encourage you to look carefully at those collections, too, with an eye to donating books to the Library.

If you are leaving for the summer and you doníŽt want to see the same books when you return, please do not throw them away. We at the Library will be glad to have them.

We can arrange to have the books brought to the Library, where we will examine them for possible inclusion in our Library collections, or we will send them to other libraries in serious need of books.

Some offices or departments may soon relocate to smaller spaces as part of the campus expansion and renovation plans. In such cases, please examine your need for the books your currently have, and make available to the Library the books you are willing to donate.

Please call Maureen Lau at 7368 if you have books to give to the Library.

With great appreciation,

Terry D. Webb
University Librarian



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