HKBUtube : Your Online Television

(a) Watch Local Documentaries Online

From now on, you can view our recorded local TV programmes online. We aim to provide the online version a few days after the broadcast date. We will also gradually convert earlier episodes to this online format.

(b) Watch Scholarly Events Online

The University organizes many scholarly events (e.g., public talks, seminars & conferences) all year round. These events provide the latest information and the valuable opinions of renowned scholars. We are working to provide videos of these events online.

(We are actively seeking collaborative opportunities. Interested departments/centres are welcome to contact us at for more information.)

HKBUtube : 你的網上電視台

(a) 觀看本地時事節目


(b) 觀看浸大學術講座


(我們十分需要合作伙伴。有興趣的學系/中心,歡迎電郵 查詢。)



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