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中國基本古籍庫》收錄自先秦至民國(公元前11世紀至公元20世紀初)歷代典籍及所附重要版本,包括寫本、刻本、鈔本、稿本、批校本以及同期外國(朝鮮、日本)之寫本、刻本、鈔本。收書總數共1萬種、16萬餘卷,選用版本12,500個。收錄範圍涵蓋全部中國歷史與文化。古籍庫分為4個子庫 (哲科庫, 史地, 藝文及綜合庫) 、20個大類及100個細目。

You can access the newly subscribed library e-resources on the library homepage at:

Please ensure proper configuration of your PC when accessing Library-subscribed electronic resources. Should you need assistance, please call the Reference Desk at 3411-7363 during library service hours, or submit your inquiries through "Ask a Librarian" web inquiry service at <>.


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