Scholarly perspectives on Cantonese Pop Music

The Book Culture Club held its 6th event at the Library on April 21 to discuss Cantonese pop music.

The welcome and introduction was given by Communications alumna and Commercial Radio program host Chu Fun who served as the moderator. The two books featured at the event were mqɽn co- authored by Mr. Wong Chi Wah and Prof. Stephen Chu, and Wong Chi Chung'smynn.

Mr. Wong Chi Wah's book draws on his expertise as a Canto-pop critic by analysing Hong Kong Chinese popular lyrics with a focus on literary skills. Professor Chu from the Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature developed a keen interest in popular Chinese lyrics at a young age, but he was aware of the negative comments made by his teachers on the poor literary standard of lyrics. He is now teaching a course on the study of Hong Kong Chinese popular lyrics, in which students are guided to appreciate popular lyrics from literary, cultural, and other perspectives. Speaking of the future, he hopes to see popular lyrics appearing as a topic of study in textbooks.

Mr. Lo Kwok Hung of Infolink Publishing Ltd. talked about his strong personal attachment to Chinese lyrics in the 1980s, and about how he approached Mr. Wong and Prof. Chu with the idea of writing a book on popular lyrics from the perspective of literary criticism. The book turned out to be an instant success and he invited young writers to offer new angles on the topic.

Mr. Wong Chi Chung, a lecturer of the BA in Liberal and Cultural Studies programme, said his book was developed from his Masters thesis. Drawing on his diverse experience in the media field, he examines Chinese pop from a "cross over" perspective, with the purpose of outlining the voice of Hong Kong people.

Prof Eva Man from Humanities Programme was impressed by the high number of participants, which indicated to her that Chinese pop is a topic of immense interest. She closed the event by encouraging the students to further explore the topic by looking at it from new angles.

As always, the speakers and participants continued their chat over light refreshments served at the end of the book talk.

Miss Chu Fun and Dr. Lo Wai Luk
Prof. Stephen Y W Chu (left) and Mr. Wong Chi Wah
Mr. Lo Kwok Hung of Infolink Publishing Ltd
Mr. Wong Chi Chung introduces his book
Prof. Eva Man serves as facilitator
Speakers with (from left) Dr. Lo Wai Luk and Prof. K.B. Chan

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