The Adoption of the Chinese Library Classification System

To enhance service quality and provide faster turnaround time, the Library is pleased to announce the streamlining and adoption of the Chinese Library Classification system 中國圖書館分類法 (CLC) for all Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) language materials starting June 2010. Extending from its current use in the Chinese Medicine Library, the CLC system will now be implemented across all HKBU libraries, including the Main Library and the Shek Mun Campus Library, following the endorsement of the Library Committee. With China being the largest publishing country for Chinese language materials, the CLC system, maintained by the National Library of China, is the de facto official scheme used in the Mainland. Based on the recommendations by an external consultant and faculty members in focus group meetings, our use of CLC will elevate acquisitions efficiency and shorten cataloging turnaround time to users.

The Library is presently installing additional shelves to create space for new CJK books. Users may find materials under the CLC system on the 7th floor of the Main Library by early September.



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