Loan Quota & Number of Renewals Increased

The Library is pleased to announce that the loan quota for the following categories of borrowers will be increased with effect from 2 July 2010. Details are as follows:

User Category
Revised Loan Quota
Undergraduate / CIE student
Postgraduate student
Academic / Teaching / Administrative staff
Part-time lecturer
Non-teaching staff
Departmental cardholder
SCE / SCM student

Other borrower types (except JULAC card holders) with the same loan quota as the above-mentioned borrower types are also increased accordingly. Furthermore, the maximum number of renewals for general circulating books will be increased from 4 to 5 times.

The loan quota for borrowing audio-visual materials will be increased to 20 and 10 items respectively for teaching staff and students.

The maximum number of renewals for audio-visual materials will be adjusted from 4 times to 2 times.


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