Publicizing the Scholarly Events that You Organize

The University Library is now providing online access to digitized scholarly events (conferences, seminars, public talks, etc.) organized by university departments and centres through HKBUtube. This service can bring benefits to both the University and the organizing departments.

Benefits to the University

  • Centralizes HKBU scholarly events by providing a single place to store and retrieve videos
  • Makes international scholarly presentations available worldwide
  • Presentations are available in an up-to-date digital format, thereby fully utilizing the university resources invested in event organization

Benefits to the Organizing Departments

  • Provides a tool to enhance teaching content and learning experiences of students
  • Provides a place to showcase the work of departments, making them visible and discoverable
  • Shifts the burden of archival and access provision responsibility from individual departments to a centralized unit (the HKBU Library)
  • Allows organizers and speakers to link the videos in their websites
  • Allows speakers to maintain ownership of their presentations

Many scholarly digital presentations have already attracted considerable interest. Since the first launch of this service in Aug 2009, a total of 13,603 viewings have been recorded, with 49 percent viewed off campus in local or international regions. We hope that your department or centre will participate in this project by: (1) assisting in getting approval from the speakers, and (2) taping the scholarly events you organize (or sending the Library the previously taped events).

For more information, please go to or contact Ms. Rebekah Wong (Assistant Librarian) at or 3411-5395.

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