On literary art & films - a conversation with Chu Siu Cheung and Ge Liang

The Book Culture Club (BCC) held its 8th event at the Library on the evening of Nov 3rd. Recent works Hui lan jimOnby Dr. Chu Siu Cheung and Hui semønby Dr. Ge Liang were the featured books.

Following student's pipa performance, Dr. Ge Liang talked about his book. He was drawn to the world of films at a young age by his grandfather - to whom he dedicated the book to. He noted that literature and film share something in common. Films help to visualize literary works, thus extending readers' imagination. He considered his book as a platform to communicate with his readers on films.

Dr. Chu's book won the 10th Hong Kong Biennial Award for Chinese Literature in 2009. He gave his perspectives on writing Chinese essays. On writing, he advised exploring new techniques for writing old topics.

Mr. Lo Kwok Hung of Infolink Publishing Ltd is an alumni of the Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature shared his experience of operating a publisher with an emphasis on literary works.

After the talk, the speakers and participants continued their chat over light refreshments.

Dr. Ge Liang (left) and Dr. Lo Wai Luk

Dr. Chu Siu Cheung introduces his book

Mr. Lo Kwok Hung of Infolink Publishing Ltd
Speakers with Dr. Lo Wai Luk

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