New E-Resources: 《歷代書法碑帖集成》(Chinese Calligraphy and
Inscription Collection)

《歷代書法碑帖集成》是一套將"全文檢索"技術整合入傳統"書法字典"與"碑帖賞析"的電子工具書,共有三大檢索數據庫,收錄了上下4,700年,700位書家的4,014部碑帖,萬余漢字,170萬字形釋文以及256萬字批注;內容包括甲骨金文、秦漢古拓、敦煌寫經、南北朝墓志、唐宋碑帖、金元珍本、明清墨跡等。本數據庫採Unicode 錄字,遇罕見古字無法原形照錄時,則以通用之異體字代替,盡量讓每一個字都能檢索到。

A sizable collection of calligraphy and inscriptions from China’s Yin-Shang to Qing Dynasties for 4,700 years, this digital tool contains a total of 1.7 million characters in 4,014 calligraphic models by 700 calligraphers. Detailed explanatory notes are also included.

The "Single-Character Databank" allows single character search that will retrieve corresponding character image scanned from the original work. "Model-Fulltext Databank" supports browsing by author, title and dynasty, and advanced search using multiple keywords to retrieve different calligraphy models for comparison.

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