Customizable Library Toolkit on BU eLearning Platform
All BU eLearning courses include a Library Toolkit. This provides students with direct access to a variety of Library resources and services. Through the Toolkit links, students can conveniently access Library search tools that will enable them to find scholarly material for inclusion in their assignments. They can also find citation guides and a link to the Library's online enquiry service.

By providing quick access to relevant Library materials and services in this way, it is hoped that students will make better use of the scholarly materials available to them.

While a standard Toolkit is automatically provided in all courses, the Toolkit can easily be customized to provide links to the most relevant Library resources and services for a particular course.

Standard Library Toolkit

Customized Library Toolkit

In the example of a customized Toolkit provided here, the following modifications have been made:

  • A subject-specific quick look-up resource has been added

  • The link to the general databases guide has been replaced with a link to a discipline-specific databases subject guide

  • A guide for the citation style used on this course has been included

  • A direct link to the Course Reserves page in the Library Catalogue for this specific course has been added

Adding course-specific Library resources will make your Toolkit even more useful to your students. Please feel free to contact the Liaison Librarian for your Department for assistance in customizing the Library Toolkit for your courses.

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