Invitation to HKBUtube (Student Productions) Opening Ceremony
   (McDull's director, Mr. Toe Yuen, will share with us)

HKBU Library is pleased to announce that HKBUtube (Student Productions) goes live now. It is a new platform to give the general public access to around 500 videos/performances produced/conducted by students of the Academy of Film, Department of Communication Studies, Department of Journalism, and Department of Music at HKBU.

Web version :     
iPhone/iPad version :   HKBUtube

To officially launch and promote HKBUtube (Student Productions) within and outside the University, an opening ceremony will be held. All HKBU staff and students are cordially invited to attend this event.

Date :     Jan 16, 2012 (Mon)
Time :     11:45am – 12:30pm
Venue :   WLB 109, Shaw Campus, HKBU

At this occasion, Mr. Toe Yuen will also deliver a short speech entitled “Generating New Ideas and Reinvigorating Creativity”. Mr. Yuen has directed several well-received local movies, including CJ7: The Cartoon (2010), Mcdull, Prince de la Bun (2004), & My Life as Mcdull (2001). He is also a HKBU alumnus.

For enquiries, please call the Multimedia Services Section at 3411-2715

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