Yan Lianke Book Donation Ceremony and Book Exhibition

The Library and the International Writers Workshop (IWW) held a Book Donation Ceremony today (14 March) welcoming author and 2012 Writer-in-Residence Yan Lianke. The Associate Vice-President, Dean of Faculty of Arts & IWW Director, Prof. Chung Ling introduced Mr. Yan to the audience and the Vice-President (Research and Development), Prof. Rick Wong, received the autographed book donations on behalf of the University and Library.  The University Librarian, Mr. Li Haipeng conveyed his thanks to the author by presenting a library souvenir to him and noted the unique opportunity for Baptist University to host such an influential novelist. Students enjoyed a Q & A session with Mr. Yan.

Book exhibition will run until 8th April at the Library lobby.

圖書館與國際作家工作坊於今天(三月十四日)在圖書館合辦了閻連科贈書典禮, 在典禮上, 協理副校長、文學院院長暨國際作家工作坊主任鍾玲教授向觀眾介紹二零一二駐校作家閻連科及其著作, 副校長(研究及招展)黃偉國教授代表大學及圖書館接受閻先生捐贈《閻連科文集》, 圖書館館長李海鵬先生感謝捐贈, 認為像閻先生般有影響力的小說家作駐校作家是難得的機會。最後, 到場師生踴躍參與作家對話。

書展在圖書館大堂舉行, 展期至四月八日。

Prof. Wong (left) receives donation from Mr. Yan

(From left) Mr. Li Haipeng, Prof. Chung, Mr. Yan and Prof. Wong at the Book Donation Ceremony

Students enjoy a Q&A session with Mr. Yan

Book Display