New E-Resources: 晚清期刊全文數據庫

《晚清期刊全文數據庫》(Late Qing Dynasty Periodicals Fulltext)

本庫收錄了1833-1910年間300余種期刊,計25萬余篇文獻,幾乎囊括了鴉片戰爭、洋務運動、戊戌變法和辛亥革命等時期出版的所有期刊,其中包括婦女類期刊、小說期刊、白話文期刊以及科技類期刊等。 讀者可從標題、作者、刊名等途徑進行檢索及瀏覽、下載全文。

This database provides online access to over 250,000 fulltext of articles from more than 300 periodicals published in China from 1833 to 1910, during the Opium War, the Westernization Movement, the Hundred Days Reform and the Revolution of 1911. Users may look for relevant articles by article title, author, or journal title, or simply by browsing.