Launching of OneSearch
The Library is excited to announce the launching of our new research tool OneSearch. One simple search box – easily discover the world of library content!

OneSearch is an all-in-one search and discovery tool that searches much of our entire collection - books, journal articles, videos, theses, etc. Now with OneSearch, you no longer have to look in the Library Catalogue for books and then look in various databases for articles.

You can search for any type of library resource from our new OneSearch interface. It is as easy to use as Google Scholar, only better! Let's listen to testimonials from our faculty on the Beta version of OneSearch that was launched earlier:

"I just tried OneSearch. It's excellent, better than any other search engine I've used before. It would be great if we can have it. Thanks."

"I started this OneSearch yesterday afternoon, I couldn't tear myself away from this search tool and played it up to midnight last night and continued it this morning, for 4 hours, searching the information related to my current research topics. ... it is unbelievably convenient and efficient!!! I'm very grateful for this innovation from the library. Thank you!!!"

Try it yourself below and send us your feedback.

 Easily discover the world of library content

Advanced Search

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