Enhancement of Library Loan Privileges

Please be informed that the loan privileges for the following categories of users are enhanced with immediate effect as endorsed at the recent Library Committee meeting.

Categories of Users Loan Quota General Book
Loan Period
Academic, Teaching, Administrative Equivalent Staff, & Part-time Lecturers 400

20 weeks
(for items borrowed from 2 January 2013)

Postgraduate 100 4 weeks (unchanged)

Similarly, the loan quota of borrowing audio-visual materials for academic, teaching, administrative equivalent staff, and part-time lecturers is increased to 30 items while loan quotas of audio-visual materials for other categories of users remain unchanged.

Also, the library privileges for Emeritus President / Emeritus Professors are aligned with those of non-teaching staff in terms of loan quota, loan period, remote access, etc.

Please note that the number of renewals shall remain unchanged for all categories of users.

For details on library loan privileges, please refer to the website at http://library.hkbu.edu.hk/about/borrowing_books.html.