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由中國人民大學書報資料中心開發, 【敦煌學專題數據庫】匯聚敦煌學研究五個分支領域的專題文章,包括敦煌石窟考古、敦煌藝術、敦煌遺書、敦煌石窟文物保護和敦煌學理論,全面地呈現敦煌學的國際研究全貌和最新研究成果。上面所提供的鏈接會聯結到一個綜合性的數據庫的平台。要瀏覽“敦煌學專題數據庫”,請從頂部的菜單選擇 “專題研究庫”,然後選擇 “敦煌學”

Tunhuangology Database

This is a specialized database developed by the Information Center for Social Sciences, which is part of the Renmin University of China. The Tunhuangology Database brings together all aspects of Tunhuangology, featuring research articles covering the archeology of Dunhuang Grottoes, Dunhuang Art, Dunhuang Manuscripts, Dunhuang Grottoes and the protection of cultural relics, and Tunhuangology theories. It reflects the latest international research findings on Dunhuang studies.

The link provided above will take you to a platform that contains many different search tools. To navigate to the Tunhuangology Database, please select “专题研究库” from the top menu, and then “敦煌学” to access the trial database.

Trial access will expire on 27 March, 2013.