Discontinuation of Stored-Value Photocopying Cards

Please be informed that the Library is going to phase out the use of stored-value photocopying cards due to the fact that the cards are outdated that the supplier is no longer able to provide maintenance.  Therefore, the following arrangement is made accordingly.

  1. Sales of stored-value photocopying cards will be completely discontinued with effect from 2 July 2013.

  2. Users who still have stored-value photocopying cards are able to use the cards until 31 December 2013.  (It should be noted that any leftover value on the stored-value photocopying cards will not be refunded.)

  3. Card readers for the stored-value photocopying cards currently attached to the photocopying machines in the Library will be completely discontinued and disconnected with effect from 2 January 2014.

Should you have inquiries, please feel free to contact the Circulation Counter at 3411-7444.  Thank you for your kind attention and understanding.