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Airiti Books 華藝中文電子書

華藝中文電子書 收錄了逾千本繁體中文電子書 , 内容涵蓋各學科, 包括社會科學﹑語言學﹑藝術﹑商管﹑中醫﹑宗教等。

華藝中文電子書可用電腦 (PC) 或行動載具線上及離線閲讀。線上閲讀不需安裝任何軟件,可直接以網頁瀏覽器閱讀 ; 離線閲讀支援 Android 及 iOS (iPad & iPhone) 系統之行動載具,需在校園 IP 範圍內先申請個人帳號及配合閲讀軟件【iRead eBook】 使用。

Airiti Books is an e-book platform that provides access to over 1,000 multidisciplinary e-books in Traditional Chinese, covering social science, language studies, arts, business management, Chinese medicine, religion, etc.

Airiti Books supports both online and offline reading on desktop PCs and mobile devices, including both Android and iOS (iPad & iPhone). No special software is required for online reading. For offline reading (downloading books), a personal account is required along with special reader software.