Enhanced Book Paging & Request (Hold) Service
The Library is pleased to announce that the Inter-branch Library Book Paging System has been expanded and enhanced with effect from 4 November 2013 with the following features:

  1. Users are now able to request that General books with the status of "Available" be delivered between three pickup locations: the Main Library Circulation Counter, the Shek Mun Campus Library (SMCL), and the Chinese Medicine Library (CML) using the embedded book paging button on the WebOPAC and specifying the pickup location for held items as well. For example, a user can page an "Available" General book in SMCL and choose to pick up the item at CML.

  2. In order to page an "Available" book, users can simply click on the Book Paging icon (i.e. ) in the Catalogue record, go through the authentication procedure, and then select the pick-up location. It is no longer necessary to enter the author, title, and call number information on a separate online form. Please note that books cannot be delivered for pickup at their home library via this paging service, e.g. books kept at the Main Library cannot be delivered to the Main Library Circulation Counter.

Watch the following LibCast to see how the enhanced book paging system works:

In addition, users are now able to specify the pick-up location (i.e. either AML, CML or SMCL) after clicking on a Request (hold) button (i.e. ) on a book which is already checked out. For example, a user can place a Request (hold) on a checked-out book from the Main Library and choose to pick up the requested item at CML once the loaned item is returned.

The LibCast below shows the enhanced hold service in action: