Appreciating Dr. Sunny Wang's Glass Art in 360°
Dr. Sunny Wang (Assistant Professor, AVA) is not only a glass art educator but also a renowned glass artist. She has presented many solo and group exhibitions around the world. Her works are represented in public and private collections in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Italy, France, Japan, and USA.

The Library is honoured to present 11 featured sets of her new and previous glass art, through the HKBU Heritage online platform. This valuable art collection is exhibited via 360° interactive and other technologies. These works include:

  • The Glass Circles
  • In-out Ladders
  • Ink-circle
  • Ladder in a Ink Circle
  • Ladder in Bubble
  • Ru - Suchness Thusness
  • Suchness-Ease
  • Installation of Ink-drawing and Poetic Diary
  • Two Poetic Stones
  • 4 Selfs
  • Many Happiness

  • Go to HKBU Heritage now to see these professional and inspirational artworks!!