New Service: BrowZine

The Library is pleased to announce the availability of BrowZine, a service that allows you to easily use your tablet to read and manage articles from over 1700 Library-subscribed electronic journals.

Available for both the iPad and Android tablets, BrowZine incorporates many convenient features, including:

  • Access the latest issues of Library-subscribed journals and read them in a format optimized for tablets
  • Create a personalized virtual library of your favourite journals
  • Receive alerts when new issues of your favourite journals are published
  • Send PDFs of useful articles directly to other tools (e.g. Mendeley, Dropbox) directly from within the app
  • Share links to articles via Facebook and Twitter

For information on getting started with BrowZine, visit the following online guide:


Browse the Library’s top journal content by subject


Read PDFs on your tablet and send them to bibliographic management software