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四部叢刊 Series of the Four Categories

四部叢刊 Series of the Four Categories + 四部備要 Four Essential Classics

《四部叢刊》是二十世紀初由著名學者、出版家張元濟先生匯集多種中國古籍經典纂輯而成 ,共計收書504種、3134冊、232478頁、近九千餘萬字。每編內皆分經、史、子、集四部。 《四部備要》則稍偏重於內容實用, 選取較有代表性的校本、注本,共計一億三千萬餘字。


To facilitate teaching, learning, and research, the Library has subscribed to the online  Internet version of Series of the Four Categories. Compiled during the early 20th century, this database comprises over 300 classical works and is divided into Classics, History, Philosophy, and Belles-lettres.

In addition, Four Essential Classics is also available on the same platform. This collection of Chinese classical works focuses more on practical usability, whereas Series of the Four Categories is known for its high-quality and original manuscript printing versions.

These online Internet versions allow for easier navigation such as searching within text. Both resources are accessible via the links on the Library website. No separate client program is required.