New E-Resources

Three new resources from Clarity English are now available to support English language teaching and learning at HKBU.

Active Reading is designed to help students develop their reading skills from Elementary to Advanced levels. Authentic texts, motivating reading activities, and built-in feedback make this a popular program for classwork, homework, or independent study.

Clear Pronunciation I (Sounds) helps students who wish to improve their pronunciation. Learners practice the full range of English sounds, in isolation, in words and sentences, and in wider texts. Learners will find it useful to practice pronunciation as a self-study activity.

Clear Pronunciation II (Speech) builds on pronunciation skills learned in Clear Pronunciation I (Sounds), helping Intermediate to Advanced learners put the sounds of English together in natural speech.

The Library’s subscriptions will complement on-site access to these courses from the Language Learning Oasis at the Language Centre.