Main Library Renovation Project

The Main Library is undergoing a major renovation project to re-organize its space in order to create a more collaborative learning environment.  The renovation project is scheduled from March 2015 to early January 2016.  Highlights of the new and enhanced facilities include:

  • Expanded Learning Commons of approximately 800m2 on Level 2 with 20-30% additional seating capacity
  • Additional collaborative learning spaces with a variety of modern flexible / modular furniture that will better support mobile learning
  • More Group Study Rooms for collaborative learning
  • New Seminar Room for hosting seminars, Library events and other academic activities
  • Designated area to support the Library’s research consultation service

The renovation project will be implemented in broad phases according to the following planned timeline provided by the Estates Office:

Time Period Affected Areas
March – April 2015 Level 3 open area
June – August 2015 Level 3 Circulation & Interlibrary Loan Office & Information Services Office
September – November 2015 Level 3 Circulation & Interlibrary Loan Office
June – October 2015 Level 2 Entire Floor including Learning Commons
December 2015 – January 2016 Level 1 Library Staff Area

During the renovation period, special arrangements will be made to facilitate the continued access of users to Library facilities and services.  Public announcements will be broadcast as appropriate to keep the University community informed of the changes and progress of the renovation project.  The Library will be working closely with the Estates Office to ensure that disruption and inconvenience caused to Library users is minimized as far as possible.  Should there be any questions, please feel free to contact our duty staff.

We apologize for the unavoidable inconvenience caused by the renovation works. Your patience and understanding as we work to provide you with a better Library environment is much appreciated.