Preservation for the Documentation of Chinese Christianity

The Documentation of Chinese Christianity program is the Hong Kong Baptist University Library’s collaboration with the Yale Divinity Library and it is funded by the Latourette Initiative for the Documentation of World Christianity. The program aims to preserve and make accessible collections that document Chinese Christianity by digitization and microfilming. All the digitized collections are available at the Special Collections and Archives or on the Internet.

For details, please visit the website of the program.

Open access is available for the following collections:
  1. Annual reports and journals of the Hong Kong Christian Council
  2. Reichelt Collection of the Institute of Sino-Christian Studies
  3. Christian Weekly of the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union

華人基督宗教文獻保存計劃是香港浸會大學圖書館與耶魯大學神學院圖書館的合作計劃,並由耶魯大學圖書館的 "Latourette Initiative for the Documentation of World Christianity" 資助。此計劃旨在製作數碼圖像和縮微膠卷以保存華人基督宗教文獻,讀者可於特藏及文獻組或網上閱覽有關文獻。


  1. 香港基督教協進會年報及期刊
  2. 漢語基督教文化研究所艾香德紀念圖書館藏書
  3. 香港華人基督教聯會出版的《基督教週報》