HKBU Library Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research - 2015 Results


The Library is pleased to announce the results of the 2015 HKBU Library Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research.

Award Winner:

Mr. Chan Chok Meng
"Translation Critique - On Five English Translations of Li Bai’s Poem “Jingyesi”"
Nominating faculty: Dr Maialen Marin-Lacarta, Department of English Language and Literature

Honourable Mention:

Mr. Lam Chun Leung
"Piercing the Corporate Veil"
Nominating faculty: Mrs. Eliza M M Xue, Department of Accountancy and Law

Mr. Wong Yu Wai
"Talking the Talk with a “Grand Strategy” or Walking the Walk with a “Comprehensive Approach”: the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union as an Effective Pan-European and International Security Actor After Lisbon – Why Supranationalism Fails (in the Case of Libya)?"
Nominating faculty: Dr. Krzysztof Sliwinski, Government and International Studies


The Winner will be awarded a cash prize of HK$3,000 and, together with the Honourable Mention recipients, be presented with a Certificate of Award.

The Selection Committee would like to thank nominating faculty and acknowledge the excellent research skills demonstrated in the projects submitted by Award nominees.

An Award Ceremony will be held in November 2015. More details will be announced shortly.