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Zentralblatt MATH (zbMATH)

zbMATH is a comprehensive and long-running (1826 onwards) abstracting and reviewing service covering pure and applied mathematics.

The zbMATH database contains more than 3.5 million bibliographic entries currently drawn from more than 3,000 journals and serials, and 170,000 books, encompassing all areas of pure mathematics. There is also extensive coverage of applied mathematics, including the natural sciences, computer science, economics, and engineering.

zbMATH is edited by FIZ Karlsruhe, a non-profit organization for scientific information and infrastructure, in collaboration with two academic institutions, the European Mathematical Society (EMS) and the Heidelberg Academy of Science. About 7,000 active expert reviewers from all over the world contribute reviews to zbMATH.

Trial access will expire on 3 May, 2016.