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大公報 (1902-1949)

香港版:1938~1949 (1.6萬幅圖檔)
上海版:1938~1945 (2.1萬幅圖檔)
天津版:1902~1949 (13萬幅圖檔)
重慶版:1918~1949 (1.6萬幅圖檔)
重慶晚報:1944~1949 (3886幅圖檔)
桂林版:1941~1944 (5024幅圖檔)
漢口版:1938~1939 (1581幅圖檔)

Established in 1902, Ta Kung Pao is the longest-running Chinese-language newspaper. This historical archive provides old issues from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guilin, and Hankou.  

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