New E-Resources

Archives Unbound Collections

The Library has purchased three additional collections from Archives Unbound, bringing the total number of collections available to thirteen. These topically-focused digital collections of historical documents support the advanced research needs of scholars and students. The newly-acquired collections include:

    The Board of Foreign Missions under the Presbyterian Church was established in 1837, signaling the beginning of a worldwide missionary operation. This archive contains records documenting the church’s educational, evangelical, and medical work in China, and ongoing efforts to spread the gospel during the 19th century.
    Contains records from the U.S. State Department Central Classified Files, documenting American diplomatic reporting on political, military, social and economic developments throughout the world. This particular collection is on Japanese internal affairs during this turbulent time of history, on topics such as militarism, rise of the Zaibatsu, and the nuclear bombing.
    This collection consists of U.S. State Department Office files, also known as "Lot Files". In particular, this set documents the key issues, individuals, and events in the history of U.S.-Southeast Asia relations between 1944 and 1958. It also puts American policy in Southeast Asia and the events of the first Indochina War and the desire for Communist containment into the larger perspective of the Cold War.