New E-Resources

Cambridge Archive Editions is an online platform providing original government records and historical documents produced by the British Government. To enhance access, the Library recently subscribed to the following 4 titles (which were previously only available in print from the Library):

China Political Reports, 1911-1960
This period covers the history of the rise of Communism in China and its effects over more than half a century. A major theme is Chinese diplomacy during the Cold War, with the prevailing beliefs of the major powers being anti-Communist and thereby continuing the isolation of China.

China Political Reports, 1961-1970
This period covers the recovery from the Great Leap Forward and the the Cultural Revolution. Also covered are the major foreign relations disputes that grew out of the complications of the Cold War.

Hong Kong Annual Administration Reports, 1841-1941
This collection of administration and related reports covers the first 100 years of British rule in Hong Kong. A major title among the reports was the annual Blue Book: the collection of all available statistics for the colony, with details of all income and expenditure (including official salaries and pensions).

Shanghai Political and Economic Reports, 1842-1943: British Government Records from the International City
This collection provides details on political and economic matters in Shanghai and China as reported by Britain officials. The form and extent of communications vary during the period, and include annual reports and trade returns, judicial reviews, despatches on topics of interest and telegrams on urgent matters.