HKBU Library Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research - 2017 Results

The Library is pleased to announce the results of the 2017 HKBU Library Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research.

Award Winner

Ms. Tan Chunmei
Title : 洪武女官制度之互利性
Nominating Faculty : Prof. Clara Ho, Department of History
Remark : “She has employed a very broad range of search tools, including digital tools, to conduct a rigorous research process. She ended up citing an impressive array of ancient Chinese works including veritable records, standard histories, gazetteers, miscellaneous notes, anthologies, and collected works. Moreover, she has consulted a large number of contemporary studies related to the explored theme. The footnotes produced contain accurate information and much attention to detail. Creativity is also demonstrated via a cross-cultural analysis on social mobility related to her theme of discussion, and an interesting table mastering the hierarchical structure of female officials in the early Ming Dynasty.”

Honourable Mentions

Ms. Chan Michelle Vanessa Wang
Title : The Filipino Community in New York from 1898 to 1946 –  In search of the Promised Land
Nominating Faculty : Dr. David Schley, Department of History
Remark : “Through investigations of laborers, pensionados, and the Igarotte in Coney Island, she suggests that the experience of all immigrants was profoundly shaped by imperialist ideologies of white supremacy. The result is a truly impressive accomplishment from a research perspective. Not only has she tracked down seemingly every available source that can speak to these questions, she has synthesized disparate phenomena and brought them into the same analytical framework."

Ms. Sun Hiu Tung
Title : The Role of African Americans when Yellow Fever Epidemic Spread to New York City in 1795
Nominating Faculty : Dr. David Schley, Department of History
Remark : “She drew on a wide array of very high-quality sources here – top-notch scholarship, excellent primary sources. The scope of the project was defined clearly and was well-suited to a paper of this length, and she located virtually everything I could have expected her to find – and some things I did not expect her to find.”

Mr. Yan Yu Leung
Title : Theodore Roosevelt’s reform: Change of Police Authority in New York City in the late 19th century
Nominating Faculty : Dr. David Schley, Department of History 
Remark : “This tightly-focused, well-researched essay intervenes in a historiographical debate and reaches a sophisticated conclusion about significance of Roosevelt’s police reforms in late nineteenth-century New York…By first establishing scholarly views on the nature of policing, he sets up the intellectual stakes and explains why his intervention is important. The thesis itself locates Roosevelt’s actions in a large-scale framework without losing sight of the particularity of the New York context…”


The Winner will be awarded a cash prize of HK$3,000, and each of the Honourable Mention recipients will be awarded a cash prize of HK$500.

The Selection Committee would like to thank nominating faculty and acknowledge the excellent research skills demonstrated in the projects submitted by Award nominees.