Free Trial E-Resources 電子資源試用

These free trials are provided by database vendors. Please make use of the opportunity to trial these resources and forward any comments through the Electronic Resources Evaluation Form.

Gale Digital Scholar Lab

This unique platform enables digital scholarship by empowering researchers with tools to interrogate and analyze Gale primary source content. Users can search across the Library's holdings of Gale primary sources to create content sets of up to 10,000 items. Digital humanities analysis tools including clustering, named entity recognition, Ngram analysis, PoS tagger, sentiment analysis, and topic modelling can then be applied to discover new insights from the data. Results can be visualized in word clouds, tree maps, network diagrams, time series, etc.

Please note that you will need to create a separate Digital Scholar Lab account to access the trial. You can also log in using your Google or Microsoft account.

Trial access will expire on 15 December, 2018.