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2016 Winner

Mr. Chan Hei Yin
Title: Devolution in the “Center”: Autonomy, Control and Intergovernmental Relations
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kang Yi, Department of Government and International Studies
Remark: "The author is very thoughtful in case selection and research design. Relying on archival research and secondary sources, make excellent use of library resources to provide rich description and solid analysis. The paper is well-written , rigorous and informative." ;
" Demostrated a very systematic and comprehensive research process", " make great use of primary sources ( e.g. government documents in both English and Spanish)", "Exemplary".

Honourable Mentions

Ms. Cheng Wing Sum
Title: A Climate Change Research Study - City of Jinan
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chun Kwok Pan, Department of Geography
Remark: “Great data analysis", "succinct and logical”, "undertook an excellent statistical investigation", "provides excellent explanation of her results based on different climate works."

Ms. Keung Yin
A Critique review of the "China Threat Theory"
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Krzysztof Sliwinski, Department of Government and International Studies
Remark: “Comprehensive review of existing literature”, “demonstrated keen attention to source credibility and authority”.

Ms. Li Tung Yui
The Role of Power Plays in the Syrian Crisis
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Krzysztof Sliwinski, Department of Government and International Studies
Remark: “Well-researched” , “showed a good understanding of the research process, made effective use of various Library and online resources”.

Mr. Wong Chun Ho
Title :
論葉燮 «原詩» 中的「正變」發展觀
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Timothy Chan, Department of Chinese
Remark: “A careful selection of high-quality sources used”, "well organized and fine argument", "made good use of books and articles".



2016 Award Ceremony


(From left) Dr. Albert Chau (Vice-President (Teaching & Learning)), Mr. Chan Hei Yin (2016 Winner), Dr.Kang Yi



(From left) Dr. Albert Chau, Ms. Li Tung Yui and Mr. Wong Chun Ho (Honourable Mentions)



(1st row from left) Mr. Wong Chun Ho, Ms. Li Tung Yui , Mr. Chan Hei Yin, Dr. Albert Chau, Mr. Kendall Crilly, Ms. Kang Yi, Mr. Lee Shing Hin, Mr. Wong Chi Ming

(2nd row from left) Mr. Brian Minhan, Ms. Lolita Kwok, Ms. Jennifer Gu, Mr. Chris Chan, Ms. Rebekah Wong, Ms. Wing Woo, Ms. Chloe Lei

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