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The Library is currently working on integrating MyLibrary Calendar with the new library system. The Personal Library Calendar service is therefore suspended until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

What is MyLibrary Calendar?

MyLibrary Calendar is Hong Kong Baptist University Library’s effort to streamline the communication between the Library and its patrons, especially in the distribution of circulation records, library emails & notices, and records of library facilities reservation. It facilitates our patrons to use their own calendar applications as a single, one-stop-shop personal platform to collect and manage HKBU Library’s calendar events and records.

These free services use iCalendar, a standard calendar format which is supported by many mobile devices (e.g. BlackBerry, Palm, Pocket PC) and calendar applications (e.g. Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook 2007, Microsoft Windows Vista Calendar, Mozilla SunBird and Mozilla Lightning, etc.).

How many calendars are available in the MyLibrary Calendar?

Two, the Library Event Calendar and the Personal Library Calendar (temporarily unavailable).