Personal Library Calendar
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The Library is currently working on integrating MyLibrary Calendar with the new library system. The Personal Library Calendar service is therefore suspended until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Who can subscribe to the Personal Library Calendar?

HKBU Library borrower card holders ONLY.

What kind of information is available on the Personal Library Calendar?

Information Messages displayed on your calendar applications Duration of Record Keeping
Circulation notice Pre-due; Overdue; Pickup; Recall Notice -- BU Lib 3 months
Circulation record in My Library Account [no. of] items DUE -- BU Lib Until item is returned
Fine record in My Library Account Library Fine -- BU Lib Until fine is paid
ILL notice Pickup; Overdue; Recall ILL-Notice -- BU Lib 3 months
Inter-Library Loan (ILL) records in ILLiad System [no. of] items ILL DUE
-- BU Lib
Until item is returned
Records of online room bookings Group Study Room,
MLC Group Viewing Room,
CML Group Study Room,
SMCL Group Study Room
-- BU Lib
Until the date it is "reserved" for

On your calendar, messages of library fine and due dates as well as circulation and ILL notices will appear within the event time slot of 11:00 am to 11:15 am while reminders of room bookings will be shown at the event time of the date when the room is reserved for.

Will my detailed circulation records be displayed in the Personal Library Calendar?

No. Each calendar record/event only contains a generic event title (e.g. 6 items DUE – BU Library), and a link to the corresponding library systems. You are required to input your barcode and password to retrieve your circulation record.